Jägermeister komando

Play the music, we're on!

There's no activity that is in our portfolio as long as Jagermeister Komando. It's going through the joints in Czech and Slovak Republic several years now. Only with slight changes of clothing and games. Stunning hostesses with ripped deer in front stirred up more that one party already. There's a hot and funny activity based on our hostesses beauty and charm. They walk around the club giving visitors orange wreaths around their necks and offering iced shots of jagermeister. One part of hostesses takes care of everyone getting their cut and the other part goes table by table introducing the game. Hostesses are accompanied by a promoter with a deer mask. He's ripped so everyone enjoying ripped male body is usually stunned. The deer is a favourite photo still life. Hammering nails to the stump, putting a wooden deer together or hockey hit decibel meter are some of the most favorite activities. If it's a team competition or a solo hit, prizes were always a boom. During the hockey hype we gave away original hockey jerseys or pucks. A cherry on the top are polaroid photos with custom framing.