Staropramen 150 years

birthday in style

If we are really proud of something, it is a long-term cooperation with our clients. Staropramen has been part of our portfolio for 10 years. In 2019, the brand celebrated a respectable 150 years and we made sure this birthday was unforgettable. We prepared the event in cooperation with the client from the very beginning. Our experience also includes communication with the city, police or fire brigade due to all required documents for events that cannot be done without special occupations or adjusted night rest periods.

We know everything that needs to be arranged before the event so that day D is in the best order and the day after is the day of returning everything to its place. We provided the accompanying program and the main program, catering, security, fireworks and photographer and important Toi Toi :) All the visual side was under our direction. Construction of stages and large-capacity tents or provision of ticket readers.

150 years of Staropramen is one of those events that will show what the agency must know and manage to make everything perfect. We must praise ourselves, because in this case everything was perfect.